No more excuses!

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Here's 6 Motivational tips to get you off the couch!


Read something inspiring
Pick up a biography, a quote, a poem, or even a song. Use other people's experiences to give yourself that lift. We have heaps of motivational quotes and images on the Eat Me Supplements Facebook Page. Check them out for some extra encouragement.

Just start
You will always be able to find excuses not to train; so don't think about it, just walk out the door.

Exercise first thing in the morning
Get it out of the way early and you will be less likely to find excuses not to do it.

Start an interest or hobby that requires physical fitness 
It could be bushwalking, rock-climbing, scuba-diving, tennis, golf, or pushing a baby buggy with a group of mums. Make sure you're having fun and the fitness will come as you keep going.

Train for an event
A corporate sports day, fun run, or family activity will give you a goal.  That's something tangible that you can mark on your calendar and aim for day by day. It will also give you something to think about other than the time you spend exercising.

One step at a time
Think of every rep, every set, each metre you run, each workout and each protein shake as being one step closer to your goals.