Set your fitness goals

Set your fitness goals

Remember those New Year resolutions you made a few weeks ago? Half asleep in bed, dreaming that by winter you would lose that extra weight and flaunt your new lean body on the beach next summer. Don’t panic, because with these 6 sure-fire tips, you’ll be back on track in no time!

Record your goals
Whether you want to lose 2kg or 20kg, or simply get to the gym at least two or three days a week, write those goals down on paper and record your detailed plan with steps to reach each goal. Keep that paper handy as a reminder. Keep a copy in your car, on your desk at work, stuck to the fridge door and the bathroom mirror.  Anywhere that will serve to remind you what you’re aiming for.

Track your progress
Recording your progress on paper. Your ability to view daily or weekly progress is a powerful source of motivation to keep you going. It’s a handy addition to seeing your own progress in the mirror or when your training partner notices your bench press weight is getting heavier.

Get a training partner
Motivation always helps you stick to your program. Whether you’re walking around the block, swimming once a week, or flipping a tractor tire, exercising by yourself won't get you far. Arrange your schedule to exercise with a workmate, a buddy, or your partner. Training with others can be more encouraging than trying to meet goals alone. Group fitness classes are built on this principle!

Personal trainers
Hiring someone who know what they’re doing might be your best investment and great motivational tool. If your home gym is collecting dust, a personal trainer will help you put it to good use. Personal trainers that come to your home can be pricey, but they quickly pay dividends in a shorter period than you will make by exercising alone.

Have a rest day
Muscles recover and grow stronger while you rest. So resting is an essential component of progress. Exercising hard out every day will only tire you out, slow your progress, reduce your motivation and often lead to illness and injury. And that’s called over training. A day off from your scheduled workout gives you time to enjoy yourself by reading a book, going to a movie, and helps you keep in touch with friends and family alienated by your obsession with food and exercise.

Reset your goals
Congratulations - you dropped those extra 3 kilos, pulled your belt in two notches and now complete your bike ride circuit 12 minutes faster than when you started. All goals completed, tick. So now what? Have an Eat Me whey protein shake to celebrate and ponder your two choices. You can maintain your fitness goals; or better yet, set new reasonable and reachable goals. It’s time to get out that paper and pen. Write down your new goals and record how you will go about achieving them. You’re on a roll!