How To Choose The Best Protein Powder

How To Choose The Best Protein Powder

People consume protein powders for different reasons like losing weight, improving their sports performance, building muscle or receiving nutrients they aren’t getting from their regular diet. Finding the best protein powder that will help make sure that your body is satisfied and nourished means looking at several different factors and, most importantly, choosing a reliable place to purchase your protein powder from, like Eat Me Supplements.

What is Protein and why we need it.

Proteins are chains of amino acids. The body can make some amino acids but others, essential amino acids, must come from food. The digestive process breaks down food into a variety of nutrients and waste. Proteins are broken down into amino acids, which are then recombined to form the specific proteins the body needs.

Why supplement with protein?

Protein is essential for muscle growth. Protein supplements significantly improve muscle size and strength in healthy adults who perform resistance exercise training, such as lifting weights. It is beneficial to receive up to 1.6g of protein per 1kg of body weight per day from various sources.

As well as contributing to muscle growth, protein can help repair damaged muscles and tissues. As a result, athletes may use protein powder to speed up recovery from muscle soreness after exercise.

Protein supplementation may help with weight management. Eating protein-rich foods and taking supplements may help people feel fuller for longer. Feeling full tends to result in smaller portion sizes and less frequent snacking, which can help a person maintain a healthy weight or lose weight if necessary.

What are most common sources of protein?

Whey Protein has been used for decades and is readily available. It is derived from dairy and is a fast absorbing. Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) such as Eat Me 100% Whey Protein is perfect for all round use and contains approximately 25g of protein per 30g serve. For those whose aim is rapid weight loss or preparation for body building competitions Eat Me Supplements Lean Shake ® whey protein isolate (WPI) would be the preferred choice as it contains almost no sugars or fat. It is also great for people who are lactose intolerant or those who are preparing for bariatric surgery.

Egg White protein is a concentrated and dried egg white powder. It has exceptional properties such as containing virtually no fat (0.2%) and very low carbs yet maintaining very high levels of protein. It is best suited for cooking or adding to the shakes and smoothies. It is naturally Dairy, Lactose and Gluten free.  Eat Me Egg White is available in 420g and 500g options.

Collagen is an animal or fish derived product and has been better known as a beauty industry product. When consumed it is capable of not only helping you to erase fine lines on your face and improve skin elasticity but also to help rebuild and repair cartilage which is often gets worn or injured with age and exercise. It is based consumed with coffee or added to your favourite smoothie.

Plant Based Protein powders are mainly derived from Pea and Brown Rice protein Isolates. These have excellent nutritional value and ideal for vegans and vegetarians. Products you may like to consider are Radix Nutrition Natural Plant Protein powders.
Plant based food does not contain creatine which is essential for energy production in human cells, both muscle and nerve cells. Supplementing with vegan friendly Creatine Monohydrate would help to keep body levels of creatine at correct levels.

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Choosing The Best Protein Powder For Your Goals

To choose the best protein powder, you need to consider your individual needs, goals and preferred outcomes:

  • Building Muscle: If muscle growth is your goal, you want a protein powder that is easily absorbed and used by the body, such as whey protein concentrate. Eat Me Supplements offers Premium 100% Whey Protein that has excellent nutritional profile, delicious flavours and is Informed Sports Certified product. This means that every batch of protein has been tested by independent laboratories for substances banned by WADA. This makes it the preferred option for professional and amateur athletes who participate in competitions. 
  • Weight Loss: To lose weight, you want to choose a protein isolate powder with high protein content and low carbohydrate and fat levels. Eat Me Supplements Lean Shake ® has been a preferred product for people who are trying to lose weight quickly, bariatric patients, bodybuilders at the shredding stage and people who are lactose intolerant.

Some Tips To Keep In Mind

  • Read the label for unwanted ingredients, fillers or allergens.
  • Compare protein content per 100g of product rather than per serve. Suggested serve sizes vary greatly between different manufacturers.
  • Vegans should consider supplementing with Creatine in addition to plant base protein.
  • Diabetics should look for low-carb protein powders without added sugars.
  • If you experience gastrointestinal problems such as IBS or lactose intolerance, avoid protein powders that contain lactose sugars. Supplementing with Glutamine may help normalise gut health.
  • Consult your GP and/or dietitian before making serious changes to your diet. 

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