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Lean Shake All Natural 1KG

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Lean Shake Unflavoured Eat Me Supplements 1KG

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  • Nutritional Information All Natural Lean Shake
  • Lean Shake Unflavoured Eat Me Supplements
Product Description


High protein, ultra low fat and ultra low carbs

Unflavoured Lean Shake contains nothing but pure New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate (WPI), unsweetened and unflavoured. 100% Isolate us ideal for those looking to avoid additives.

100% Isolate is the low calorie choice for anyone aiming for a toned, lean body. Pure New Zealand whey isolate delivers a massive serving of protein packed with muscle building branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) and with virtually no carbohydrates, lactose or fat.

New Zealand whey protein Isolates are 90% pure protein by weight. They are the purest and most expensive form of whey protein available. And that’s why they are the only protein source you see on the Eat Me Supplements Lean Shake label.

Lean Shake mixes easily and tastes great. Protein helps you feel full for longer, balances your blood sugar levels so you are less likely to snack and enhances the fat-burning effects of exercise. Cutting up for a bodybuilding competition, making your way after weight loss surgery or just aiming to hit the beach in top shape, 100% Isolate is perfect protein powder for you.

Key Benefits

    • - No added flavour, colour or sweetener
    • - For weight loss and muscle toneEat Me Supplements 2KG Isolate Deal
  • - Low fat, low carb, high protein 
  • - Instantized to mix with a spoon
  • - High percentage of pure protein
  • - More than 5 grams of BCAAs per serve
  • - Over 4 grams of glutamine & precursors 
  • - Rich in calcium
  • - Safe in pregnancy and for breast feeding Mums
  • - Sourced from New Zealand dairy farms 
  • - Environmentally friendly zipper seal foil bag
  • - No plastic scoop because we know you have a spoon at home



Shake, blend or stir 30 grams of protein powder (3 heaped desert spoons) with 150-250ml of milk or water until mixed and drink. Suitable to use 2-3 times daily. High protein diets increase your body’s need for water, be sure to increase your daily water intake. Your body doesn’t store protein and recovers and grows while you rest after exercise. So remember, six small meals every day, and each meal with protein. That routine will ensure your muscles have the regular supply of protein required for growth.  

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Customer Reviews
Love it! Review by Jill
Hate the taste of any artificial sugars weather they be natural or chemical. I love that it's just pure natual protein that I can create the flavours and desired sweetness. (Posted on 15/01/2019)
Lean shake unflavored Review by Drena
Tryed this product found it really good I bought it to try and help the ache in my legs and feet from being on my feet all day lifting and walking/standing added it to my smoothies in the morning before work and omg my legs and feet weren't sore anymore love it going to try chocolate this time (Posted on 10/05/2017)
Finally, an unmolested Protein Powder Review by Julian
In a market saturated with fancy and chemically enhanced protein powders, making unsubstantiated claims and false promises, EatMe's Lean Shake protein is a fresh of breathe air.

Nothing unnecessary has been added to this powder (fillers & harmful chemicals) and it has undertaken the best processes (crossflow micro-filtration) to produce a quality whey protein isolate product.

Being a Personal Trainer, I've tried most of the popular protein supplements on the market today, and this one comes out on top.

Good work team! (Posted on 31/08/2014)
Unflavoured; Clean and Lean! Review by Jane
As a celiac, lactose intolerant and food allergy sufferer I have to be careful with any supplement. I tried the unflavoured lean shake yesterday and it was fantastic! There truly is no flavour so all it adds to your shake is a lovely smoothness. More importantly though; I had no reaction whatsoever. It kept me feeling satisfied for quite a while so I think it would be great for weight loss. Totally stoked with it!
Also like to add that eatme supplements are true to their word with next day delivery. Big thumbs up to the team at eatme! (Posted on 31/07/2014)
Great product Review by Canarytillidie
Been using isolate unflavoured and it is excellent. I use it in smoothies for breakfast and after work outs with water. Awesome product I recommend it to all people trying to tone up or lose fat. (Posted on 24/12/2013)
Wonderful product Review by Ricky
Have always gone with EatMe, NZ made the best there is, have always tried the WPC and it was wonderful and now moved to the isolate with no flavor, as pure as it gets!! making some nice gains in the gym, thanks heeps guys (Posted on 29/11/2013)
Banana is fabnana!!! Review by Paula
love love love the Banana! Tastes just like a milkshake from the local dairy !! Filing but not over filing, fantastic straight after a workout! Bonus lost 2kgs in 2 weeks! (Posted on 13/03/2013)
Great Stuff Review by Hamish
Just tried this stuff for the first time, it mixes really well and tastes good (Not normal for unflavoured protein). I'm really stoked that it does not have any of the stuff you don't want i.e. artificial flavours, sweeteners and colour!
Love NZ made whey. (Posted on 10/08/2012)
Naughty Natural Review by Jason
So just got and used my first packet of natural isolate from EATME and am very very happy. It does not taste bad at all (I actually kinda like it) and am super stoked there is a quality unsweetened product out there, and nz made too. Keep up the good work guys. (Posted on 11/01/2012)