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Beta Alanine 200g

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Beta Alanine Eat Me Supplements

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  •  Beta Alanine Supplement Facts Eat Me Supplements
Product Description


Want to train harder, run further, lift heavier and cycle faster?

Who doesn’t?

Beta Alanine provides the fuel to increase your anaerobic and aerobic endurance and delay muscular fatigue; so you can push through every workout with maximum power.

This carnosine-boosting amino acid provides explosive muscular strength, lean muscle mass and anaerobic endurance. It acts as an intracellular buffer, blocking the accumulation of painful lactic acid in muscles, helps delay muscle fatigue and speeds post training recovery.

With Beta Alanine, you will pump out every rep to the max and push through those frustrating plateaus. It’s the key to blasting a new personal best!

Because Beta Alanine increases carnosine, and carnosine is a powerful precursor in generating nitric oxide, many users experience intense muscle pumps from the very first dose. Carnosine levels will increase for a minimum of 12 weeks, so we recommend staying on Beta Alanine for at least three months to optimize your results and to peak near year competition day.

Skin tingles

Look out for prickly arms, ears and face! You’ll recognise the same skin tingling 'pins and needles' effect on your skin that you get from the world’s best pre workout; Cobra Labs The Curse. That’s Beta Alanine activating your nerve receptors. The sensation is named paraesthesia and it’s harmless. It’s your body’s way of telling you that it’s time for action!

Key benefits

  • - Train harder, longer and stronger
  • - Increase strength
  • - Delay fatigue
  • - Perfect for weight training, cycling, running and triathlon



Add one serve (1/2 teaspoon) to a cold drink or your protein shake. Use up to 2-3 serves daily, spaced evenly through the day with one serve before training.

DIY pre workout combo

Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate, AAKG and Creatine all work together to increase lean body mass and reduce body fat by increasing training intensity and volume. Add caffeine and these five ingredients are the backbone of almost every successful pre workout supplement.

Add one serve of Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate, Creapure® Creatine and one serve of AAKG to 250ml of cold water, shake and consume with one Eat Me Supplements Thermo Caffeine capsule 30- 45 minutes before exercise. Adjust your individual ingedient dose to suit your body weight and your goals. 

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Customer Reviews
great product Review by Oscar
great product which gives you the extra boost you need for your workout (Posted on 26/12/2020)
Really good product Review by Oscar
Really good product , helps you through workout with increased intensity! (Posted on 22/09/2020)
It works Review by Robert
Look, this is one of those supplements which works, and there is plenty of science which can back it up. I notice a marked decrease in doms when I'm using Beta Alanine. Good price, I mix it with a tea spoon of raro for taste (Posted on 17/06/2020)
The best out there Review by Aidan
I have been using beta alanine for a long time. I bought my last lot from eatme. I'm not sure why but it feels a lot stronger than other brands, may be because you have to use a teaspoon to serve it. I'm not sure...but I dont really care as the pumps on this stacked with citrulline malate and caffeine are insane. (Posted on 2/09/2019)
Tingling Good! Review by Brodie
Bought this to mix into a homemade preworkout with caffeine, AAKG, creatine and glutamine. It was amazing and worked out to be so much cheaper than buying the premixed stuff where you don't even know what you're really getting.

Beta alanine is well known to increase your strength and you know you're getting the pure stuff when you can feel the electric like tingling in your skin! (Posted on 3/03/2015)
Great product, a bit uneasy on my stomach but it's effectiveness makes it well worth it. Review by Braden
At first i felt a bit ill after taking Beta Alanine but after a week I hardly notice it any more. I have smashed personal records and would recommend trying to anyone who is looking for extra intensity and edge. (Posted on 4/03/2014)
AMAZING Review by Elijah
I really like this product, i dont mind the tingles, my strength and endurance in the gym has increased from the first use, i add this into my pre workout stack and would recommend to all. (Posted on 20/02/2014)
Fantastic suppliment to help you get over the training hump Review by Morg
I started running again a few months ago for the first time in several years to help me get back into shape and take control of my deteriorating health, however as I ran for longer periods of time, I was having trouble keeping up with my training friends who were in far better shape than I was. By trying this stuff, I was able to run faster, for longer and my recovery times dropped through the floor, I'm in heaps better shape now and am now enjoying exercise in a way that I haven't felt since I was a kid, would definitely recommend giving this stuff a try if you're having trouble staying motivated because of the pain you experience when training. (Posted on 23/12/2011)
Four months on B-A and still hitting PBS!! Review by Richard McCarthy
I've been taking eat me beta alanine for more than four months now. This stuff is massive! My strength, energy, stamina, and endurance have all shot way up and I’m cracking PBs on bench press. Everything that you've ever heard about beta alanine skin tingles is all true and then some. The tingling gets annoying at times but just suck it up, it's not as bad as some people claim, but it's definitely there and you can feel it. The more I take it though the less tingling i'm noticing, so that's all good cause i just get stronger and stronger. (Posted on 20/12/2010)
Great product, gets great results Review by Adam Keen, Otago Nuggets Trainer
The Otago Nuggets Basketball Team have been using this product in combination with other Eat Me products (Eat Me Creapure® Creatine, L-Glutamine, 100% Whey) over our off-season/pre-season and have been having great results. A big emphasis of our training was to increase size and strength and this product has helped us in achieving these goals. Player's strength has increased dramatically and lean body mass is also up. This product helps with recovery so we are able to train harder and more often.
(Posted on 15/12/2010)