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Shaker bottles from Eat Me Supplements!

An exclusive collection of Eat Me Supplements branded accessories and fitness essentials complements our market-leading supplements range. Made to our uncompromising high standards, Eat Me lifting straps, wrist wraps and shaker bottles are made using premium quality materials selected and tested by us. Fat Gripz and Liquid Grip are essentials in every gym bag and ideal fitness gifts. You can be sure that our sexy brand will rub off on you!

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  1. Mini Shaker Bottle Eat Me Supplements

    Mini Shaker 400ML


    • Small 400ml size
    • Mixing ball for perfect shakes
    • Stylish and practical
  2. JNX Skull Shaker

    The Curse!® Skull Shaker


    • Bespoke design
    • Big 600ml size
    • No leak lid
  3. Switch Nutrition Measuring Shaker 700ml

    Switch Nutrition Measuring Shaker 700ml


    • Big 700ml size
    • Quick Measure Switch
    • BPA free non-toxic
  4. Shaker Bottle Eat Me Supplements

    Large Shaker 600ML


    • Big 600ml size
    • Mixing ball
    • No leak lid
  5. Double Loop Lifting Straps Eat Me Supplements

    Double Loop Lifting Straps


    • Pull more weight and build more muscle
    • One pair
    • Super strong
    • Keep them in your gym bag
  6. Wrist Wraps Eat Me Supplements

    Hardcore Wrist Wraps (Pair)


    • More power
    • More safety
    • Wrist protection, second to none
  7. Fat Gripz Eat Me Supplements

    Fat Gripz Original


    • Can't add size to your biceps?
    • Try working your forearms!
    • The benefits of thick-bar training at a fraction of the price
    • Unlock strength and muscle increases in your whole body
  8. Fat Gripz Extreme Eat Me Supplements

    Fat Gripz Extreme


    • Fat Gripz for advanced athletes
    • Blast your forearms!
    • Makes a standard bar 3 inches thick
    • Fat Gripz Extreme for maximum muscle building
  9. Liquid Grip 44ml

    Liquid Grip 44ml


    • Improve your grip
    • No mess
    • Clips onto your bag
  10. Liquid Grip at Eat Me Supplements

    Liquid Grip 236ml Refill


    Out of stock

    • Improve your grip
    • No messy chalk!
    • Economy size

10 Item(s)

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