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EAT ME Sports Fundraising
Need money for team uniforms, travel or your quest for Olympic Gold?

We can help!

Athletes know that getting in shape is 80% about diet. And some of your mates already buy expensive imported supplements from the supermarket or health supplement shops. Now you can supply them, and everyone else you know, with protein powder, creatine, and any of the products from the EAT ME Sports Supplements range at a great price, and raise money.

How it works

• Order Eat Me Sports Supplements at wholesale price by phone or email.
• Pay by cash, cheque, internet banking or credit card.
• Your order is delivered free of charge by next day courier.
• Add your mark up and sell the products.

Do sports clubs use EAT ME Sports Supplements?

Yes! Here’s what Adam Keen, Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Otago Nuggets says:

“The OceanaGold Nuggets Basketball Team have been using Eat Me 100% whey protein in combination with other Eat Me products (Eat Me Creapure® Creatine, L-Glutamine, Beta Alanine) over our off-season/pre-season and have been having great results. A big emphasis of our training was to increase size and strength and Eat Me supplements have helped us in achieving these goals. Player's strength has increased dramatically and lean body mass is also up. Eat Me 100% Whey helps with recovery so we are able to train harder and more often.”

How much money can we make?

That's up to you! But as a rough example, if you were supplying a rugby team with a focus on building speed and lean muscle, you might expect to order around 10-15kg of protein powder, 5 X Creatine and 5 X Glutamine and 5 X pre workout supplements. That order would make you around $300 each month.

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