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Lean Shake Trim Latte 450g

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Lean Shake Trim Latte Eat Me Supplements  450g
Product Description


Lean Shake™ is your perfect partner to assist with weight management, fat loss and muscle toning. This high protein, low calorie shake complements your exercise program and is perfect for breakfast, snacking, energy on the go and post exercise recovery.

Lean Shake is designed for anyone who wants help with weight control, is active and needs extra protein, wants a healthy smart snacking choice and prefers a shake for breakfast or lunch. Lean shake is made with 100% pure New Zealand Isolate so it is gluten free and has low lactose.

Lean Shake contains no added sugar, no artificial colours and no artificial flavours.


To make a Lean Shake, blend or shake one serving of 30 grams (2 heaped tablespoons) with 200ml of trim milk or water until mixed. Lean Shake is best taken with milk to give you a more filling protein drink with addition calcium, or you can use water (which will give you a lower calorie, thinner shake) or alternatively soy or rice milk can also be used.

On the go?

Add one serving of 30 grams (2 heaped tablespoons) to your Eat Me Supplements shaker bottle and screw on the lid. When you need a snack or straight after your workout, add milk or water, shake and enjoy.  

How will Lean Shake help me to lose weight?

- You feel fuller, which means you’re less inclined to overeat.

- You stay satisfied for longer which helps avoid food cravings.

- You enjoy a steady release of energy. 

- You have more stable blood sugar levels for better appetite control.

- Your metabolism gets a lift. 

 Will Lean Shake™ make me big and muscly?

Some people are worried that by increasing their protein intake (and in particular taking a protein powder) they will grow huge muscular arms and become big and bulky. The reality is that to become big and muscly requires a significant amount of weights work and hours upon hours each week in the gym. Just because of the way we are built, for the everyday active person, this is simply a myth.

Can I take Lean Shake if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes. Lean Shake does not contain added vitamins, minerals or amino acids.  

I can’t drink milk, can I mix Lean Shake powder with anything else?

Yes. You can use water (which will give you a lower calorie, thinner shake) or alternatively soy or rice milk can also be used.

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Customer Reviews
Filling and tasty Review by Toni
Make sure you shake these up well if made with water, as it separates quickly and doesnt taste as nice. Good with milk though. All flavours are nice. Can recommend! (Posted on 14/04/2019)
Too good to be true!!! Review by Jojo
This is just another typical A+ product on the shelves of 'eatme'. I could not believe that something that tasted soo good could also be so beneficial to my workouts and trainnings. It is soo good you'll think your cheating...but the guys at 'eatme ' promise me I'm not! well done guys!!!. (Posted on 23/10/2013)
Love the flavour Review by Jaymie
Dont usually enjoy protein shakes but the trim latte flavour is definitely my favourite! Tastes really good! (Posted on 3/06/2013)
Wow! This is SO yum!! Review by Jen
I bought it Monday, and it was delivered within 2 days. I was a bit hesitant in buying it, but I'm glad I changed my mind! It tastes GREAT!! I love it! I didn't have trim milk in the fridge the day I received and instead I had standard whole milk.. and because I knew you could use the powder with either water or milk.. I decided to go half/half lol and it still tastes GOOD!!! (quick version of making trim milk on the spot) hehehe I will definitely be looking at buying the chocolate flavor next. Thanks :-) (Posted on 15/09/2012)