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Micronised Glutamine 500g

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Micronised Glutamine Eat Me Supplements

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Product Description


Anyone exercising to increase strength, speed and muscle mass will notice faster recovery and reduced muscle soreness when using Eat Me Supplements pure L-Glutamine.

This vital amino acid is an important building block in forming the proteins that repair damaged muscles making Glutamine essential for muscle growth.

When your body is under pressure from intensive training, colds or stress, your body can’t make enough glutamine to meet your needs. So your body robs the glutamine stores you need for muscle growth. And when those glutamine stores are depleted, you lose strength, stamina, and your recovery ability. 

Just like Eat Me Supplements Creatine Monohydrate, L-Glutamine is extremely effective. It helps replace glycogen which restores energy, as well as helping repair and build muscle tissue. Glutamine works as a nitrogen shuttle, picking up and dropping off nitrogen around your body. Maintaining a positive nitrogen balance is critical for muscle building.  

Glutamine is also essential for endurance sports such as running and cycling, and can help reduce the incidence of cramps caused through repetitive strain. It’s also recommended for elderly people who suffer from cramps and regular muscle pain as a natural alternative to chemical pain killers.

Eat Me Supplements Glutamine is sourced from corn and is safe for vegetarians.

Key benefits

- Helps lose body fat without losing hard earned muscle mass
- Supports endurance training such as running and cycling 
- Eases the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other gastro intestinal tract disorders
- Reduces muscle cramps caused through repetitive strain
- Reduces healing time after surgery.
- May reduce the side effects of chemotherapy drugs, including mouth sores, diarrhoea, and muscle and joint pain. 


Add one heaped teaspoon (5 grams) to a cold drink or your Eat Me whey protein shake. Use up to three serves daily. Use a half serve, once a day for five days, until your body becomes accustomed to additional Glutamine. Add Glutamine to your Eat Me protein shake, and use with Creapure® micronised creatine monohydrate and Eat Me BCAAs for maximum muscle building results.  Add one serve to the ultimate pre workout, Cobra Labs The Curse, before you exercise.

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Eat Me Supplements Glutamine 500g

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Customer Reviews
Helpful for IBS Review by Deryn
I actually use it to settle my tummy, great for IBS symptoms. (Posted on 12/09/2019)
Another great product Review by Jason
Great product, helps with achieving goals in the gym. And you cannot argue with the price. Ill be on this and the Creatine for life at this price (Posted on 24/08/2015)
Very impressed Review by Damien
Had my first serving of eat me glutamine this morning when i got up . Thought this will be very helpful to get me through the last few weeks while I am preping for nabba/wff nationals . (Posted on 15/09/2014)
Helping Recover from Autoimmune Virus Review by kelly
Last year I got CIDP - Automimmune disease - which killed my nerves and atrophied my muscles in upper back, right shoulder and left hand. So now I am building these muscles from scratch - very difficult as I have use other muscles to help these grow. Two weeks ago I reached the stage or being able to lift 1kg weights in a lat raise. I can manage 5, then rest then 5 again. I have started this product and noticed its helping with me being able to do another set of excercises again in the evening and this combined with the BCCA I hope to see in the next six months my muscles reappear and I don't look like a bag of bones! The Glutamine allows me 2 weight sessions - so I recommend if this is your goal. (Posted on 26/06/2014)
Good for muscle soreness Review by BRODIE
Definitely improved recovery after workouts, noticed a significant reduction in muscle soreness in the following training days.
Good product, nice and cheap too. (Posted on 5/12/2013)
Important supplement Review by Scott
Great product if your serious about working out or do strenuous exercise, definitely in my top 3 supplements to use. I find that my recovery time has actually shortened. Recovering energy faster and feeling less sore. I recommend taking with your post workout protein shake and if your using casein at night for recovery chuck 5g of glutamine in the mix, awesome recovery, great dose of protein and your body will feel more energized when you wake. Very satisfied. (Posted on 23/08/2013)
Use it everyday Review by Troy
Use this everyday as part of my after workout shake, keeps me lifting and training everyday, I don't like having a day off, not a big fan of the taste but mixed in a shake with eat me protein, oats, peanut butter and a banana you barely notice it ;) (Posted on 10/03/2013)
great product Review by matt
have used glutamine on 3 occasions this 1 is a great product top quality my mates use the same type helps to recover fast and helps to minimize muscle loss due to intense training highly recommend (Posted on 28/12/2012)
Great value for money! Review by Riki
Cheapest and highest quality Glutamine product going around! (Posted on 9/06/2012)
Endurance enabler Review by NZMojo
I do a lot of long training so I need to be able to get back into my next session as well recovered and ready to push it as possible. I have been using Glutamine for recovery and repair rather than muscle building and find it is awesome to get me ready to go and recovered fast for the next day.

Post race DOMS is a major for me especially on long hilly runs. My last event I had the CURSE lemon rush to keep me going, topped up with Glutamine and Beta-alaine, BEST recovery yet after 100km of running and 2 assents total of Mt Cook. Can't go wrong! (Posted on 29/05/2012)
Great price. Review by Daniel McDonald
Solid product. Taste is almost unnoticeable when mixed with water. Great for helping me recover from tough workouts and even better when used 2 to 3 times a day. (Posted on 2/03/2012)
Very Impressive! Review by Matt
I only used to use Creatine and Whey Protein and thought I was getting awesome results, but after adding L Glutamine to my Pre / After workout shakes and having some before bed I have had AMAZING results!

I work on a fishing boat and am out at sea for 4 weeks at a time, and when I get back my first workout is a struggle. I was lifting the same weight as I was before I left but instead of doing 12 reps per set I was finding it hard to reach 8, and only 3 sets instead of 5 - 6. 4 workouts later with Glutamine added I have added just over kgs to my ezy bar for bicep curls alone!

That is a huge increase in weight for one week!

Highly Recommended! (Posted on 7/02/2012)
Helping me lean out Review by Bruce
I've been using this to maintain my muscle while loosing body fat, and it is working awesome so far. My strength has stayed around the same reps and weight for the past 6 weeks which may sound bad..... BUT! I have lost 3 kg in that time so it is very possible it is all fat that has been burnt and preserved my muscle.
Thanks Eatme (Posted on 23/12/2011)
Reduces muscle soreness Review by Marathon Man
I've read more about supplementation with glutamine than any other supplement. My running programme is tough. It causes extremely sore quad and calf muscles and shoulder ache. And I'm training on three full cycles a year. So I run three full marathon races a year assisted by three half marathons a year. That's a full schedule. Muscle pain and muscle recovery are the only things that slow me down. In my experience, glutamine significantly reduces muscle soreness the following day, and the day after the day after an intensive session. Often it's that second day that my muscles were the most sore. In running, recovery is everything. Glutamine is essential for my pre and post race nutrition. (Posted on 7/07/2011)
Number 3 on my list of essential supplements Review by Mark
Tried this after reading research that showed that two grams of Glutamine supplement increases HGH significantly. Many of the protein recovery drinks sold here contain up to five grams of glutamine - so two grams might be considered a small dose. I take 5 grams of Glutamine before training and another 5 grams before bed.
I feel stronger at the end of a workout and definitely have less muscle soreness over the days following after squat and deadlift training. (Posted on 20/12/2010)
Great product, gets great results Review by Adam Keen, Otago Nuggets Trainer
The Otago Nuggets Basketball Team have been using this product in combination with other Eat Me products (Eat Me Creapure® Creatine, 100% Whey, Beta Alanine) over our off-season/pre-season and have been having great results. A big emphasis of our training was to increase size and strength and this product has helped us in achieving these goals. Player's strength has increased dramatically and lean body mass is also up. This product helps with recovery so we are able to train harder and more often. (Posted on 15/12/2010)