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Fat Gripz Original

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Fat Gripz Eat Me Supplements

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  • Fat Gripz Eat Me Supplements
  • Fits Dumbells and Olympic Bars
  • Fat Gripz Eat Me Supplements Grow Bigger Arms
Product Description


Your body’s weakest link is your grip!

It’s the same with pretty much everyone: bodybuilder, athlete, MMA fighter. There aren’t many people who don’t want to improve their grip. But most people don’t realize that their grip is holding back their whole body’s strength development.

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The reason is that most barbells and dumbbells are ridiculously easy to grip. They’re designed that way. That’s fine when you’re getting started. The trouble comes later on…After you’ve been training a few months – or even a few years – you’ll start to plateau.

You just can’t keep adding on the weight every session like you used to. So you lift the same – you look the same – month after month, year after year. This is what’s been going on.

While you’ve been building up the rest of your body, your grip has been left behind. It has become your weak link. The barbells and dumbbells you’ve been training with have become your own worst enemy. By being easy for you to grip, they’ve stopped you developing strength in your hands and your forearms.

Fat Gripz will give you the benefits of thick-bar training – at a fraction of the price.Fat Gripz Original vs Fat Gripz Extreme

They instantly turn bars into thick bars. That’s why everyone from US Marines to MMA fighters use them. Most Olympic bars are just over 1” thick. Slide on your Fat Gripz and all your bars will be more than twice as thick – not just your barbell, but your dumbbells, pull-up bar and cable attachments too. There’s no need for extra exercises – no forearm extensions, wrist rollers or grippers. Fat Gripz work with your existing exercise routine to develop functional hand and forearm strength.

Unlike products that you squeeze to get a stronger grip, thick-bar training with Fat Gripz improves your grip when it’s at its weakest – when lifting heavy weights. That way, every time you press, row, curl with Fat Gripz, you’re improving your grip – your weak link – which in turn trains your chest, back and arms more effectively.

The military-grade hardened compound in Fat Gripz doesn’t compress when you hold them. It doesn’t matter if you’re curling 60 lb or deadlifting 500 lb. Fat Gripz won’t compress – so you’re always getting effective thick bar training.

They have a vice-like grip on the bar. There’s no movement, there’s no give, there’s no slippage – so you don’t need to worry about the towel slipping and dropping the weight. You can just focus on lifting the weight. 

Fat Gripz are quick to put on and take off your bars. There’s no hassle and nothing to tape in place.

Just stick them on the bar and lift. 

The science behind training with Fat Gripz

The proof below explains exactly why thick-bar training with Fat Gripz is more effective. When you use Fat Gripz in your normal workout, you’re improving the effectiveness of the exercise in three ways.

1. You’ll spread the weight more evenly across your body.

When you first use Fat Gripz, you may notice that there’s less pressure on joints like your wrists, elbows and shoulders. By using a wider grip on the bar, you’re actually spreading the weight more evenly across your joints.

2. You’ll increase muscle activation.

When you use Fat Gripz, you engage your hands and forearms more than with a regular bar. Charles Sherrington, neurophysiologist and Nobel laureate, states that the harder a muscle works, the more its neighboring muscles are activated – amplifying their strength. So that means by working your hands and forearms harder, you’re increasing the muscle activation – and strengthening your upper arms, shoulders, chest and back. That’s not all. Just holding the Fat Gripz on the bar is a completely difference experience to holding a regular bar. Your hands, forearms and upper arms are forced to work harder, helping to increase their strength and size.

3. You’ll eliminate imbalances.

Every exercise you do with Fat Gripz will help to strengthen your grip, hands and forearms. And by eliminating these weak links, you’re unlocking bigger strength and muscle increases in your whole body. 

Because our bodies are programmed to stay in proportion, the brain actually stops your arms, chest, shoulders and back developing – until your hands and forearms catch up. You can keep on training regardless – but you’ll hit a plateau. Regular barbells and dumbbells don’t help – in fact, they actually make it worse. They’re designed to be easy on the hands and forearms, meaning that the more you workout, the more they’re falling behind. But when you train with Fat Gripz, you’ll start to eliminate imbalances – from the very first workout. The first time, you’ll notice an intense burning in your forearms – hotter than anything you’ll have felt with grippers, wrist rollers or forearm curl and extensions.

Fat Gripz Eat Me Supplements

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Customer Reviews
They Work Review by Jack
Mean as ways to get da big arms. (Posted on 16/07/2016)
Arm Blasters Review by Franko
Real cheap way to build bigger forearms and upper arms fast. Workz!!!! (Posted on 25/06/2012)
Good Product Review by Eddie
They work, well.

They instantly sort out sloppy form on barbell bench press, I noticed that especially. They kill your forearms on any exercise and after a few weeks using them results are obvious.

Generally had to drop a few KG's on any given exercise but form improves and the exercise becomes harder so win win. Quite effective when you find you are plateauing and need something new. (Posted on 18/06/2012)
Outstanding Value Product Review by LifeFit NZ
For the money you pay these grips will give you a far better return on investment than spending heaps and heaps on other equipment and trialling new workouts and exercises

These really really work - especially for forearm training and biceps and triceps - Dead Hang chin ups, BB and DB Curls, Shrugs and Rows - you can really MAX out your muscle progress using these bad boys ...


(Posted on 25/02/2012)