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About Us

Welcome to our fresh approach to sports supplements and nutrition. We know from first-hand experience that nutrition isn’t a case of one size fits all. Each of us is unique and just like personal training;Welcome to Eat Me Supplements your nutrition should be tailored to fit you. From innovative formulations, to pure high quality ingredients, we give you the choices so you never have to compromise on your nutrition or your goals.  Our growing community includes everyone from beginners to elite athletes, so make sure you choose Eat Me Supplements and make your nutrition personal!

Where to find our products

You can find our range online, at gyms and in supplement stores and retail outlets. If your local retailer doesn’t stock Eat Me Supplements, ask them to give us a call. We ship for free within New Zealand and ship cheaply to your door in Australia and around the Pacific.

Finest quality

We constantly search for the latest natural ingredients and insist on the highest quality across all our products. We have a wide range of proteins and amino acids sourced locally and internationally. Eat Me Supplements is also a retailer for the Creapure® Creatine, Liquid Grip® , Cobra Labs® and Fat Gripz® brands.

Sharp pricingEat Me Supplements Bulk Buy Deals

We buy in bulk; manufacture end-to-end, and sell direct to retailers and online. Simply put, we cut out the importers and distributors so you can buy the finest nutrition at the lowest possible prices. If you want even larger discounts, you can buy in bulk. It’s up to you!

Exceptional taste

We pride ourselves on the taste of all our flavoured products. Each product goes through rigorous trials and is personally taste-tested by us until it’s just right. 

Maximum flexibility

Powders, tablets and capsules, we design products in as many formats as possible to allow you to choose the one that suits you best. After all, everyone is different. Multiple sizes and endless flavours, the choice is yours!

Massive choice

We pride ourselves on being at the cutting-edge of sports nutrition. On average, we launch a new product every 3 months! With our range of products, you can choose the nutritional mix that personally works best for you.

Learn more

Not only can you buy Eat Me Supplements from your local retailer, you can also browse our online store to learn more about each product and ingredient. Take some time out and browse our collection of nutrition, diet and exercise resources.

Our philosophy

As users and athletes ourselves we want products that work, which aren't loaded with filler ingredients and don't cost a fortune. So we insist on using only the finest ingredients in all our products.  We are totally committed to bringing you the very best supplements available from around the world. We are your trusted source for supplements and nutrition with absolutely no compromise in quality.

Our company

Eat Me Supplements is a registered trademark and a trading name of Nutrition Direct Limited, a company registered in New Zealand. Nutrition Direct LImited is registered with the Ministry of Primary Industries as a Dairy Exporter.