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Our Samples Eat Me Supplements

Our extensive range of samples gives you the luxury of trying a product or a flavour before committing to buy the full sized version. You may want to try a completely new product or simply try out a new flavour, either way this option helps you make an educated choice at a cheap and convenient price. Slip a single serving sachet in your Eat Me Shaker Bottle for straight after the gym and snack time!

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  1. Whey Protein Samples Eat Me Supplements

    100% Whey Protein Single Serving

    Starting at: $2.49

    • Mixes easily
    • Packed with BCAAs
    • Gluten free
  2. Casein Protein Eat Me Supplements

    Casein Protein Single Serving

    Starting at: $2.00

    • Slow digesting protein
    • All natural
    • Stevia sweetener
    • No calcium caseinate
    • Gluten free
  3. Lean Shake Protein Eat Me Supplements

    Lean Shake Protein Single Serving

    Starting at: $2.99

    • 6 delicious flavours
    • Ultra lean whey protein isolate
    • For weight loss and muscle tone
    • Low fat, low carb, high protein
    • Gluten free
  4. Cobra Labs Daily Amino Single Serves

    Cobra Labs Daily Amino Single Serve

    Starting at: $2.00

    • Natural Guarana Energy and Aminos
    • Energy and Focus; Anytime, Anywhere!
    • Supports Recovery Before, During & After Exercise
    • Train Longer and Harder
  5. Cobra Labs Shadow-X Eat Me Supplements

    Shadow-X pre-workout Single Serve

    Starting at: $2.00

    • Single Serving Stick
    • Powerful Formula
    • For Experienced Users
    • No Creatine
  6. Cobra Labs The Curse Pre Workout Single Serving Stick

    The Curse Pre-workout Single Serving

    Starting at: $2.00

    • 1 Serving
    • Insane Energy!
    • Add to water, shake and drink
    • No calories and No carbs
  7. Cobra Labs The Ripper Fat Burner Eat Me Supplements

    The Ripper Fat Burner Single Serve

    Starting at: $2.00

    • Full Strength Fat Burner
    • Fast Acting
    • All Day Energy
    • Single Serving Stick
  8. Detour Lower Sugar Protein Bars Eat Me Supplements

    Detour 85gm Single Protein Bar

    Starting at: $4.89

    • Great tasting protein bars!
    • 30 grams of protein
    • Meal size

8 Item(s)

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